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In case of need, we provide Technical support training to our Authorized Services while the customer is at home, instantaneously or at scheduled times, with unscheduled programs.

In order for the product assembly service to be carried out correctly, we provide support on the correct implementation of the assembly procedures (gas or electrical connections) and the explanation of its use by performing operational tests.

In addition to single product assemblies, we also apply our special service procedures for multi-project assemblies, fairs and display product installations, and we stand by our business partners and customers with advantageous price criteria for such multiple transactions.

Our Central Service Workshop takes an active role in small household appliances. In our central technical service workshop, we determine the most appropriate costs with the work of our expert team members, and we complete the maintenance and repair processes based on the approval of our customers.

We help our customers to the extent of our possibilities and create solutions by prioritizing their satisfaction.

 Our priority is to contribute to the creation of a brand-friendly user base with a high satisfaction rate by emphasizing that we carry out these transactions on behalf of the brand.

Regarding the failure notification in small household appliances services, we take the products outside of Istanbul by cargo, from our Authorized Service or Authorized Dealer addresses, and the products in Istanbul from the user address, by our own vehicle, to our Central Service Workshop.

We include every product that comes to our center in the order according to the notification date. We complete the process within 5-7 days at the latest and deliver it to our customers with the same method.

The entire process of the product in our center is under instant follow-up of our customers, and they can get information whenever they want, thanks to their smart technological devices.

All products except Small Household Appliances are intervened at home and on site by our Professional Authorized Services and our central teams. If necessary, we use original spare parts of the brand and quickly and permanently solve the problem.

Although we generally solve the problems at the address (at home-on-site) for large products, in some special cases, we may need to take the product to the workshop. In this case, we minimize the risk of physical damage to the product with our methods calculated to the smallest detail. We take full responsibility.

In some special cases, we offer a Discovery Service that meets the needs of our customers at the stage of device purchase. Thanks to the detection and consultancy we provide within the scope of this service, we eliminate the hesitation of our customers, enable them to act more easily, and prevent unnecessary spending by choosing the right product.

With the Transported Assembly application, our related service, which is authorized by us since the sale of the product, takes all responsibility and takes the products of our customers from the dealer's address, delivers and assembles them to our customer. Thus, our customers are freed from having to spend more than one day for the same transaction. The process is solved at once, without any problems, by the only team that comes to the house.

Special situations require Special Solutions. For this reason, thanks to our expert teams working at our center, we take immediate action in exceptional cases regarding the transactions that have problems with the solution, intervene with our central teams and produce special solutions.