By using our inspection procedures, we inspect the Authorized Service's working and compliance processes, if there are any problems, we make them compatible with the standards.

We audit our Authorized Services with our inspections or remote surveys by making unannounced visits at unspecified times or by making informed address visits at defined times.

We visit our customers and see the transactions made by our Authorized Services on site, check the compliance with the specification and the compatibility of the physical situation with the one reported on the CRM, and prepare reports.

We also add the opinion of our audit team about our Authorized Service to the evaluation.

As a result of all checks, we determine how adequate our Authorized Service's ability to represent the Brand is, what aspects need to be corrected, and aspects that need improvement.

We use impersonal, professionally validated service performance measurement software to evaluate the results of the audits.

In the final evaluation of the result after all the work, our expert team reviews the competence and performance measurements of the Authorized Service station, sometimes without knowing which service it evaluates, sometimes especially knowingly.

Thus, sometimes we take care not to make personal decisions, and sometimes we take immediate decisions if there are urgent decisions to be made and measures to be taken.