We do not have a call center. Because we have a Customer Service Center. What could be the difference?

The service centers of each of our business partners we represent work separately from each other. The transactions of any company do not affect, disrupt or interfere with another company.

In this center, each of our customers has a unique representative. It follows all transactions from the beginning to the end on behalf of our customer, fights and tries to obtain and offer the most advantageous conditions for our customers. The boss of our customer representatives is our customers. The demands of our customers are orders for their representatives, and they make every effort to find a solution or do better in the way they want and as soon as possible.

Our technological infrastructure is solid and up-to-date. We use the latest technology products while doing our job. We are in an easily accessible position with IP system digital switchboard technology. We use our own software specially designed for After Sales Services, and our CRM and ERP systems that provide online ease of use. In this way, we can overcome our changing needs without external dependency and by producing solutions quickly.

Our business partners can share their virtual lines with us and request them to be integrated into the system, or they can get service using one of the ELİTSSH virtual lines.

We ensure that feedbacks such as Information, Suggestions, Complaints, Satisfaction, Requests are met and the solution process is managed.
We keep and back up customer data in the most secure environments within the scope of KVKK.
We provide information within the scope of KVKK with our own SMS and E-mail notification system.
With our sound recording system, we keep records within the scope of KVKK.